EUROSEA promotes the collaboration between SME’s and Universities from Piedmont. The main collaboration fields of work concern: bioenergy production plants and technologies (i.e. biogas from agriculture waste, biomass recovering and valorization of organic matrices coming from zootechnical biomasses), biofuels production, bioenergy production from biomass and photovoltaic and solar technologies. Furthermore cross activities concern: logistic of biomass, CO2 emissions and energy balance and fruit and vegetable production, applying innovative techniques and renewable and sustainable techniques.

Main activities


  • Promotion of the constitution of partnerships and provides technical assistance for project management, experimentation, implementation and dissemination within funding opportunities on a regional, national and European scale and collaboration with stakeholders from Italy, EU and East Europe countries concerning energy, environment and agriculture.
  • Training courses about energy and environment: in collaboration with INFOR and Selene Consulting EUROSEA organizes training courses devoted to private and public personnel about renewable energy technologies, energy saving, agriculture, environment protection and nuclear energy.
  • Spread knowledge within Scientific, Economical, Institutional and Information sectors and in every area that it is considered qualified, in order to put in operation EUROSEA Committee programs;
  • Carbon Capture and Use (CCU): EUROSEA Committee does study, promotion and information about innovative and integrated systems for Carbon Capture and Use (CCU) through carbon dioxide (CO2) as a resource for industry and agriculture as a way for the production of biofuels, renewable energies, chemicals and food. Among the many Carbon Capture and Use applications existing, the cultivation of microalgae can make an important contribution to the transition to a more sustainable society or bio-based economy and EUROSEA aims to focus on this topic.
  • Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT): EUROSEA Committee pursues:

    • The development of neutron sources based on D-D and D-T fusion accelerators and their installation in Hospitals and Centers for cancer treatment in order to promote the worldwide application of the BNCT;
    • The test and promotion of the EUROSEA001 prototype, the most powerful neutron source based on a compact D-D fusion accelerator;
    • The collaboration with Hospitals and national and international Companies in order to study and develop the applications of the fusion accelerator based compact neutron sources in radiotherapy, security and energy.
  • EUROSEA promotes the collaboration between SME’s in regional projects on bio-energies, biofuels and other renewable energy technologies in the industrial and agricultural sector.

    • Biomass: the project aims to define on a experimental scale agronomic, technical, logistic and contractual tools needed to improve and implement on a regional scale the lignocellulosic biomass cultivation, such as Arundo donax, to be used in biofuels production, in particular second generation bioethanol.

    • Biogas and Biodiesel: the project aims to facilitate the share of information and technical data of biogas and biodiesel production chain. In order to facilitate the management of biogas plants, a web model for the daily management of plants is implemented. The model allows the recording of all necessary parameters to comply with the current regulations and monitoring the performances of plants in terms of produced biogas, electricity produced, biomass used and logistic costs of collecting biomass and distributing digestate respecting Agronomic Use Plans of manure wastes issued by the model. Biodiesel technology is implemented developing laboratory analysis methods, characterizing and treating raw materials (oils of vegetable origin, animal fats, oleins, fatty acids and oils). Furthermore is implemented a certification of the chain with the objective of developing a tool to calculate GHG emissions and reducing them.
  • EUROSEA is pursuing the involvement of its Members and Partners in the frame of EU-funded projects of cooperation and development for the introduction and implementation of renewable energy technologies in rural and peri-urban areas of developing countries. EUROSEA is interested in the application of new technologies and implementation of existing ones in renewable and high-efficiency energy sources.