The “European Interregional Committee for the development of innovative Energy–Environment Systems”, EUROSEA is a non-profit organization established in 1998 thanks to an initiative of an international group of University and Industrial Researchers, Industrial Managers, Safety and Environment Protection Experts with the participation of Research Institutes, Advanced Technology Companies and Individual People.

EUROSEA Committee aims at the following objectives:

1. Promote studies, research, projects and implementation activities through prototypes and demonstration plants related to:

  • innovative systems and technologies concerning production, transport and rational use of Energy coming from different sources, not only renewable ones, with particular reference to the reduction of environmental impact;
  • systems for Environment conservation, tools and monitoring nets, aimed at the preservation of habitat, health and Environment resources;
  • innovative and integrated systems for Carbon Capture And Use (CCU) through carbon dioxide (CO2) as a resource for industry and agriculture as a way for the production of biofuels, renewable energies, chemicals and food.
  • integrated systems for a sustainable Agriculture, connecting renewable energies and environmental conservation technologies;
  • biomedical and bioengineering technologies, with particular reference to those involved with radiation, as hadrontherapy and borontherapy or those dedicated to handicapped people;

2. Collect the scientific-technical, organization and economical elements, necessary to promote, upon initiative of the Committee itself, the establishment of national or international Companies or Consortia in order to develop projects for demonstrative plants related to Energy, Ecology, Agriculture, monitoring systems supply and Environment protection;

3. Promote the technological transfer of know-how and the results acquired during the research activities to companies operating in the Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Biomedical and Metrology field by means of cooperation agreements, and requiring the direct participation of the Companies in the research activities development and for the creation of prototypes. Develop business plans, mathematical modeling by means of dedicated software, broad projects and system tests, processes and service nets related to the above-mentioned technologies, if they can be developed at an industrial level.

EUROSEA Committee is based in Turin at the Environment Park, Inc.